Monday, October 14, 2019

My Favorite Pointe Shoe Products

These are my current pointe shoes ~ Grishko DreamPointe 2007

Sometimes it is difficult for us as dancers to get through a pointe class without dreaming we were somewhere else not balancing on the tips of our toes. Well, make that dream feel like reality with 5 of my favorite pointe shoe products! You should be able to find most of these items at your local dance shop and if not, easily order them online. Enjoy!

1. Toe Candy

This cotton candy scented lambs wool will make you want to go baa-aak to your studio every class!

2. Rosin Spray by Bloch

Problem: If you are like me and have a model of pointe shoes with a low cut heel, your pointe shoes just don't want to stay on in class! Solution: Buy this wonderful spray (it works like magic)!

3. Arnicare Roll-on Homeopathic Medicine for Pain Relief

In constant rehearsals and classes, it is easy to get pain, swelling, bruises or worse! Luckily, with Arnicare you can help fix this with an easy to apply, roll-on gel.

4. Nexcare Absolute Waterproof Tape

For anyone starting pointe, this is important for protection from blisters and calluses!

5. De Feet Da Funk

Don't judge the bottle's small appearance - this eucalyptus, peppermint, and citrus scented deodorizing spray is a living miracle if there is one!

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